I am an Urban Planner and GIS specialist, with over four years’ experience using Geographic Information System or GIS Technology to conserve natural resources and plan cities. I have use a variety of GIS products and Remote Sensing software (ArcView 3.x, ArcGIS, Idrisi, Envi, and Erdas Imagine). Have used Google Sketchup to display design ideas in 3D. 

My appreciation for environmental planning and environmental conservation began during my teen years. By observing the consequence of air and water pollution on Bronx residents, I understood the need to learn how to solve these problems. I attended the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) to understand the problems and to learn the solutions. At ESF, I learned the complexity of the problems and the need for a progressive approach to implementing solutions. After graduating from ESF, I was a Research Assistant at the Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park Conservation GIS lab. There I learned the importance of using GIS and Remote Sensing technology to conserve natural resources for the endangered Asian elephant, and the realization that solutions start at the urban level.

Based on the experience and the courses taught at ESF, I knew that conservation really starts by learning about the ecology of the urban environment and understanding how humans affect the natural environment. To learn more about urban issues, I enrolled and completed the Planning program at Hunter College. There I learned how planners play a role in how cities are designed and how resources are use to implement them.

By implementing energy conservation methods, using proper science, reducing natural resource use, and using thermodynamic principles to design cities, cities can reduce the impact humans have on remaining pristine habitats.